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Cosmetic packaging is genuine and fake

The packaging is genuine and fake
Can fake packaging still be authentic?
Yes, I have heard that packaging factories that make packaging materials for regular brands flow out, and finally fall into the hands of counterfeiters. Although this is a very rare case, it will not become mainstream.
But there is also a common situation now that someone is recycling the discarded packaging of expensive cosmetics and the empty packaging of personal second-hand empty bottles.
In some communities, garbage collectors have long known to recycle and classify useful commodity packaging for residents, because there are special people to buy these empty packaging for counterfeiting. For example, the bottle of common famous wine, many people know that it is valuable.
Similarly, the packaging of high-end cosmetic brands is also on the list of key recycling.
This is also the content of my previous Weibo repost of half genuine and half fake, in order to trigger everyone's thinking about the recycling of real bottles. Unexpectedly, the message exploded.
It turns out that the original inefficient method of recycling empty bottles has already appeared with the development of the Internet, and there is a phenomenon of selling fake bottles through individuals: Taoxbao has an app called Xianyu. You can even sell second-hand empty bottles on it!
If you have searched for "xx brand empty bottles" before, you will find a lot of individual sellers selling empty bottles. So who do you think will buy these empty bottles? Of course it's someone in the chain of cosmetic fakes.

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