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The era of custom plastic bottle packaging begins

Because plastic packaging can meet the diversified protection requirements of commodities, the shelf life of food is significantly improved; and the packaging process is simple, operation and use are convenient; packaging forms with affinity; packaging costs and transportation costs are saved; low energy consumption of resources, environmental protection and other advantages. Therefore, plastic flexible packaging plays an increasingly important role in many fields.
It is understood that with the continuous improvement of the supply capacity of my country's plastic packaging industry, it will provide more opportunities for product export growth. In addition, with the continuous maturity of the domestic consumer market, the export market will be transferred to more companies seeking sustainable development important way. In short, the export market prospect of my country's plastic packaging industry will be very broad.
At present, the consumption of beverages in China continues to rise, providing a lot of room for growth for beverage packaging manufacturers. It is predicted that the market value of global beverage packaging will reach US$118.8 billion in 2017. Such a broad market prospect determines that beverage packaging must continue to innovate in technology in order to keep up with the pace of beverage development.

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