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Fire Drill

Recently, a serious factory fire accident occurred in this city, which caused huge casualties, and 11 people were killed. How frightening and regrettable it is. As a result, our company immediately carried out a fire safety drill. In order to increase the authenticity of the drill, smoke sticks were placed in many places, so that the employees could truly feel the thick smoke that would appear in the fire, and the employees also quickly Run out from all exits to a safe area. After the assembly, the number of people was counted and reported quickly. This is also very important, once a fire breaks out, the remaining personnel can be quickly confirmed and the rescue can be carried out accurately.

Demonstrations on how to use the fire extinguisher and how to extinguish the fire accurately were also carried out at the scene. First pull out the plug, then point the fire extinguishing hole at the fire point, and then press the switch, and the powder will fly, and the fire will be extinguished. It's very simple, the most important thing is not to mess up once it catches fire. Our company has also prepared a number of fire extinguishers, so that each employee can have a real experience of how to extinguish the fire accurately. It can further understand the fire handling process and improve the ability to respond to emergencies.

In addition, our company also popularized a lot of knowledge about fire self-rescue and fire avoidance to employees, filling some gaps in our knowledge of fire prevention and self-rescue. For example, when escaping from a fire, quickly cover your mouth and nose with a towel and rush out. If you live on a high floor, don't jump off the building blindly without protective measures. The elevator is dangerous, so don't take the elevator. At the same time, cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel or cloth. In particular, the most important thing to remember is to be calm and calm, and don't panic. Only by staying sane can you be more likely to survive.

Finally, I hope everyone pays more attention to the details of fire prevention. Now that the weather is getting hotter and hotter, everyone must take good fire prevention measures so that the tragedy of fire will never happen again!

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