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Traffic Safety Lecture

On April 13, 2023, comrades from Ganxi Township traffic police came to our company to popularize traffic law knowledge and safety information that we need to pay attention to during driving. Traffic is closely related to our life. In daily life, we come into contact with means of transportation every day, such as: we have to take a bus when we go to and from get off work, or ride an electric car, drive a car... In short, means of transportation are inseparable from our lives. Therefore, traffic safety and traffic regulations are also very important to us.

Although transportation can bring convenience to people, everything has two sides, both advantages and disadvantages. There are more and more means of transportation now, and the potential safety hazards are also increasing, so there are more and more traffic accidents. Through popularization, we know that the number of deaths in traffic accidents every year is also terrifying, so we must be in awe of life!

I watched a small video about traffic safety, and the pictures are all about some people who don't obey the traffic. Human life is limited. If you don't cherish it well, you won't even have the chance to regret it. This is really terrifying! So while we enjoy the convenience that transportation brings us, we should not underestimate the "life killers" hidden around us. The bloody traffic accidents sounded the alarm for us, let us reflect, meditation.

Nowadays, technology is more and more developed. In daily life, large trucks, small cars, and common buses are common. Large trucks can load a large amount of goods, and are used to move stones, wood and other goods; but often the bigger the car, the hidden danger is the biggest. When encountering these cars, leave enough distance. This kind of car has a relatively large blind spot, so don't get too close, and don't compete with this kind of car. Life safety is the first priority, so especially when the commute and commute traffic is particularly heavy, we must drive carefully and don't rush or rush. The first traffic law, safety is the most important!

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