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Zhejiang Weili Plastic Co., Ltd. was established on November 17, 1999.

It is located in Jinhua, the central city of Zhejiang Province, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. It is a professional China Eye Shadow Palette Manufacturers and Plastic Eyeshadow Case Factory , which is specializing in the production of Eye Shadow Palette . The company is mainly producing eye shadow boxes, powder boxes, lip gloss tubes, Packaging products for five series of cosmetics, including cream bottles and nail polish caps.

The company covers an area of 12,000 square meters, with high-standard workshops and office buildings. There are more than 300 employees, including more than 120 professional and technical personnel.

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An eye shadow palette is a makeup product that typically contains multiple shades of eye shadow, which are pigmented powders used to add color and definition to the eyelids. Eye shadow palettes may also include a mirror and applicator brush or sponge for easy application.
The shades in an eye shadow palette can be used individually or combined to create a wide range of eye makeup looks. Applying lighter shades to the inner corner of the eye and darker shades to the outer corner and crease can help create depth and dimension. Shimmer shades can be used to add sparkle and shine, while matte shades can help create a more natural or muted look.

Features and benefits of eye shadow palettes:

Wide Range of Shades: Eye shadow palettes typically include a wide range of shades that can be used to create different eye looks, from natural to bold and dramatic. This makes them a versatile tool for any makeup artist or enthusiast.
Convenient Packaging: Eye shadow palettes come in a compact and convenient package that makes it easy to store and transport. They are also designed to be easy to use, with each shade labeled or numbered for quick reference.
High-Quality Formulas: Eye shadow palettes often feature high-quality formulas that are long-lasting, pigmented, and blendable. This ensures that the eye shadow stays in place all day, without creasing or fading.
Customizable: Some eye shadow palettes come with removable pans or magnetic strips, allowing you to customize your palette by swapping out shades or rearranging them to your liking.
Suitable for All Skin Tones: Eye shadow palettes come in a variety of shades and finishes, making them suitable for all skin tones and eye colors.
Versatile Finishes: Eye shadow palettes typically include a range of finishes, such as matte, shimmer, and metallic, allowing you to create a variety of eye looks.

How to use an eye shadow palette:

Start with a clean, dry eyelid. If you plan on using a primer, apply it first to help the eye shadow stay in place.
Choose the shades you want to use. Some eye shadow palettes are organized into "quads" or "trios" that suggest which shades to use together, but you can also mix and match shades to create your own look.
Begin with a transition shade. This is a neutral or light shade that helps create a seamless blend of the other colors. Apply the transition shade to the crease of your eyelid using a fluffy blending brush.
Apply the lid shade. This is the main color of the eye look and should be applied to the entire eyelid. Use a flat eye shadow brush to pack the color onto the lid, then blend out the edges with a clean blending brush.
Add depth with a crease shade. This is a darker shade that goes into the crease of the eye to create a definition. Use a smaller brush to apply the crease shade, focusing on the outer corner of the eye and blending it into the transition shade.
Highlight the brow bone. This is an optional step but can help open up the eye and make the look more polished. Use a light, shimmery shade to highlight the brow bone just below the eyebrow.
Finish with eyeliner and mascara. Use a pencil or liquid eyeliner to define the lash line, then apply mascara to the lashes to complete the look.

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It is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic packaging products, mainly producing eye shadow boxes, powder boxes, lip gloss
tubes, Packaging products for five series of cosmetics, including cream bottles and nail polish caps.

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